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Love is real to teens, and they are curious about it. And, research indicates that they are looking for guidance and need reliable information on self-love, relationships, and sexual health if they are going to have joyful romantic lives. 

Comprehensive sexual health education isn't just about anatomy, birth control, and STDS. Kimberly Wolf's Love Class (TM) provides adolescents with relatable, relevant lessons on everything from boundary-setting, to breakups, to how to find credible information and meaningful support related to sexual health issues. 

Accounting for the fact that each organization approaches sexual health education from a unique perspective, I work with schools to personalize messaging to align with schools' core beliefs. 

Love Class™ for parents helps bridge the communication gaps that emerge around these delicate topics. 


The complexities of the teen years can strain parent-child relationships, and this is particularly true for fathers adjusting to the emotional and physical transformations of their daughters’ middle school and high school years. Fathers are often left feeling out-of-touch, confused, and at a loss for what to do and say.

These fact-packed sessions offer insights most fathers aren’t getting anywhere else. Participants will leave with an essential knowledge base and new communication tools.

Topics covered include girls’ psychology and culture, the roles of fathers, building father-daughter connections, and how fathers can support healthy self-concepts and social development in their daughters.

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Today’s teenagers are digital natives, many consuming 9+ hours of media per day on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets, but they don't often understand how the content they are sharing online is stored, connected, and found by others. The risks and potential consequences of reckless and short-sighted online behavior are evident. But if harnessed effectively, the Internet can also help young people get ahead in their daily lives, during the college admissions process, and throughout their careers.

Presented by Kimberly Wolf, M.Ed., and Carolynn Crabtree, two media-savvy, Ivy League grads who have successfully navigated the college admissions process and multiple job application efforts, Into the Blue Light (ITBL) educational programs draw from the latest research on adolescent media use, expert perspectives from admissions officers and employers, and best practices in online reputation management.

Combining a refreshing, positive tone with next-generation strategies, ITBL presentations guide students, parents, and educators on topics including:

  • Managing everyday social media use.

  • Navigating tricky social media interactions.

  • Avoiding the spread of negative content.

  • Understanding when, how, and why life's major gatekeepers search applicants online and what can affect their perceptions. This information comes from surveying hundreds of admissions officers, a thousand college coaches, and employers from a wide swath of industries.

  • Using search results to put your best foot forward when admissions officers and employers conduct online searches.

ITBL programs are essential for schools and community organizations helping teens prepare for success in a digital world.  


"It was a great pleasure to bring Kimberly Wolf to present to our teen girls as an expert speaker on healthy relationships.  Her impressive knowledge and expertise is grounded in current research on the complex issues that arise in teen intimate relationships.  Kimberly was flexible and mindful to include our institution's core values and to address the specific needs of an all-girls environment.  She presented with a sense of ease, humor, and compassion that resonated with both our students and faculty.  We look forward to inviting her back!"

- Meggie Purpura, 12th Grade Academic Advisor
Marymount High School

"Kimmy's presentation for our 9th graders on sexual health and relational communication was extremely well-received by our students. Our students commented on Kimmy's comfort with the material, sense of humor and confident presence. Her many years of experience with sexual education topics came shining through as she expertly navigated a room of curious 14 and 15 year olds. We look forward to collaborating with Kimmy in the future to continue developing our messaging around such crucial topics for our 9th graders!"

- Jennie Willens, Dean of Students, College Preparatory Division
Windward School

"Into The Blue Light is a must see presentation for every parent and teen living in the digital age. Kimmy and Carolyn put a positive spin on an often daunting and scary subject. Our participants left the presentations with tips and practices they could and did put to use immediately to improve their online presence. The information was cutting edge and extremely helpful to parents and students alike. Kimmy and Carolyn are professional, relatable and absolute experts in their field. Our school especially appreciated the care, forethought and flexibility that went into the planning of their presentation. They catered it to our individual needs and made sure it was tailored to our community. I truly cannot recommend them and their presentation enough." - 

- Sarah Musich, LCSW, Director of Counseling Services, Collegiate Division
Windward School

“Kimmy is an authentic, relevant, fun, and trusted voice and ear for teenage girls. Her honesty captures their attention, and her huge heart endears them to her. Kimmy creates health and balance in her own life and offers her wisdom and experience to help others do the same.”

- Sarah Bishop, Registrar,
Brentwood School



Organizations & Conferences
Dad 2.0
National Coalition of Girl's Schools Conference
United Nations Foundation – GirlUp

Brentwood School – Los Angeles, California
Calvary Christian School – Los Angeles, California
Marymount High School – Los Angeles, California
St. Matthew's School – Los Angeles, California
Windward School – Los Angeles, California

Cornell University
Georgetown University
OwlSpark – Rice University Startup Accelerator
RedLabs – The University of Houston Startup Accelerator
UCLA Anderson School of Business
University of California Santa Barbara