I work with companies, media outlets, schools, and community organizations to create meaningful content and experiences for teens, parents, and educators.

My areas of expertise include: Adolescent Female Development & Health Trends; Teen Romantic Relationships & Sexual Health; Influence & Impacts of Mass Media & Celebrity Role Models on Girls' Wellbeing; History of Girls in Media & Popular Culture; The Digital Lives of Girls; Parenting Teens in the Digital Age; Father-Daughter Relationships; Adolescent Health Communication Strategies; School Wellness Frameworks & Programs;
Women in Entrepreneurship


Expert Media Contributions

Kimberly can speak authoritatively on a variety of topics related to adolescent health and wellness, media literacy, father-daughter relationships, and women in entrepreneurship. 

Educational Consulting

Impactful health and wellness programming can help adolescents develop healthy habits to serve them throughout their lives. If you are a district or school leader, Kimberly can scaffold existing programs and help you develop new initiatives to support health outcomes for your communities. 

Content Licensing & Strategies

Girlmentum Media offers a variety of content creation and strategic planning services. 

Early-Stage Startup Advising

Kimberly is a trusted voice for entrepreneurs working in digital health, female-focused media, and education. Her passion, years of experience, and broad networks make her a valued team member in business-planning and developing communications and content strategies. 

Script & Campaign Advising & Review

The media is often the first place teens learn about important health issues, and the images and messages they consume have very real impacts on their mental and physical wellbeing and habits. If you are a film or television producer who wants to "get it right" depicting the realities of teen life, while also guiding viewers to make healthy decisions, Kimberly can consult on projects from webisodes to features.